The Wi-Fi Awards

Content Contribution of the Year Award Finalists


François Vergès

François is a founder and owner of SemFio Networks, and a regular contributor to the @cleartosend podcast. Always soft-spoken, but wise in his perspectives, he makes technical Wi-Fi solutions down to earth and easy to understand for even beginners in the Wi-Fi industry. An expert in Wi-Fi who excels at bringing new products and news to the forefront of our industry, François has made a name for himself as a standout content contributor in the community.

Twitter: @VergesFrancois

Blog Site: 

Eddie Forero

Eddie has several claims to fame, ranging from his eclectic presentation style (who could forget the security handshake conversation at his WLPC presentation?) to being a respected business owner, teacher, and expert in the Wi-Fi industry. His sometimes-controversial blog where he regularly serenades the community with his sometimes over the top examples of installations likely gone awry.

Twitter: @Heyeddie

Blog Site:

Jake Snyder

Jake generates content over at – where he regularly waxes philosophically on the road going to save the worlds biggest networks from impending doom. Jake regularly contributes by blogging, engaging on twitter, and in the Wi-Fi Pros slack group. Jake brings a wealth of experience within the community whether it be Cisco or Aruba or things that slither (that’s python), but nothing says unique like battle scars from experience – and freely shares all he knows.

Twitter: @jsnyder81

Blog Site:

Jim Palmer

Jim’s blog ( is not only a blog about his own professional experience but he also includes Tools and other helpful links for those looking for more WLAN information.  His blog is suited for newcomers and experts alike and is written in a straight-forward and humorous way that makes it not only educational but entertaining as well. In his own words, “One radio guy’s journey into an IP world”. We agree that perspective is everything and regardless of how you ended up in the Wi-Fi world, your take on it all is valuable.

Twitter: @WirelessJimP

Blog Site: 

Lee Badman

Lee is one of the community's favorite pug loving, gonzo bloggers. In the words of his nomination, he’s always on top of industry trends, news, events, and covers things in an easy to digest format. His conversational style keeps topics technically accurate while making them easy to understand. He blogs and generates content all over the place, but most notably, his primary place to put content for us is at .

Twitter: @wirednot

Blog Site:

Rookie of the Year Award Finalists


Gjermund Raaen

During the last several months, Gjermund Raaen has been a significant contributor to the wireless community. He has authored several blog articles regarding bits and bytes in the 802.11ax protocol, trying to describe how OFDMA works and how to interpret captured 802.11ax frame. In addition he has put together a WiFi AirTime calculator to visualize airtime usage for OFDM (non-HT), HT, VHT and HE TXOPs. His engagement and questions on social media, webinars, and conferences are pointed directed and are helping make the wireless community stronger. 

Twitter: @GjermundRaaen

Blog Site:

John Deegan

John Deegan has been passionate about the wireless community ever since introduced to the technology. He has accomplished more in the last few years in terms of knowledge gained and level of professional enjoyment than any other point in his career. In 2019 alone, he achieved four new certifications (not counting the updated ECSE), including his CWNE. He is constantly looking to improve himself and support anyone in the community any way that he can. 

Twitter: @wifi_john

Blog Site:

Landon Foster

In a short time, Landon Foster has made a big impact on and in the community. From his positive interactions on social media, and his humble, friendly attitude, Landon is a great ambassador for the wireless community. He has worked hard and in a short time become a CWNE and is clearly passionate about his work and his community. Landon is truly one of the rising stars in the wireless community.

Twitter: @AceHighWifi

Lariana Luy

Lariana Luy is one of the most engaging individuals. She asks great questions to understand and further her knowledge. It is ironic that she is one asking questions when she is an amazing teacher, and engineer. Lariana is helpful and always a professional. In addition, her positive attitude and energy makes a great addition to the community – the community can look forward to seeing what she does.

Twitter: @LarianaLuy

Leonid Tekanov

Leonid Tekanov is on the fast track to his CWNE, second in Russian Federation, and he is showing professional growth at extremely high rates. He is instrumental in trying to unite the Russian wireless community. He is constantly searching for information and sharing what he finds with all community. He is responsible, open-minded, and is willing to help to basically any person who asked him for that. I think that Leonid is the uniting link between world's wireless community and Russian wireless engineers. Only this is enough to mark him as important person for our growing community.

Twitter: @LTekanov

Blog Site:

Innovation of the Year Finalists


Catalyst 9100 series APs (Cisco)

The Catalyst 9100 access points are Cisco’s first access points that run 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), and the first that run on IOS XE. The Catalyst 9120 is powered by (the) Cisco RF ASIC that performs advanced RF spectrum analysis and delivers features like CleanAir, Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) and DFS detection allowing for a superior RF experience.


Besides Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, these access points extend the power of intent-based networking with hardware and software innovations, with advanced analytics and multi-RF (Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee and Thread) support. Along with a better industrial design, they offer improved RF performance, and deliver reliability, security, and intelligence at scale.

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AI for IT™ (Mist)

Mist built an AI engine right into the platform. This eliminates the need for overlay sensors, data collector hardware, and extra software. AI for IT™ allows you to configure new sites in minutes with no human errors. In addition, AI for IT™ provides the capability to correlate user events and dynamically capture packets for fast troubleshooting, create automated workflows for rapid troubleshooting and notifications, and automatically self-correct and/or optimize the WLAN in real-time. AI for IT™ integrates as part of Mist's platform and products to build an effective portfolio of products that help build a modern high performing network.

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CloudVision (Arista)

Arista has pioneered the networking industry with its software driven cloud networking approach built on top of Arista EOS® with programmable interfaces, publish-subscribe state separation, resilient fault containment and self-healing attributes. CloudVision® extends the same architectural approach across the network with a state-based view of the entire network, across private, public and hybrid clouds. This enables customers to move to cloud-class automation without needing significant custom internal development. CloudVision is a network-wide approach for workload orchestration, workflow automation and real-time telemetry as a turnkey solution for Cloud Networking.

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Connect/Cloud/iPad survey (Ekahau)

Ekahau offers a a suite of Wi-Fi tools that enable you and your team to design, optimize and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before. It allows seamless collaboration between IT personnel, who are charged with keeping Wi-Fi running smoothly, and the Wi-Fi expert, who is often overloaded with managing multiple projects and sites.  Choose a collaboration method that works best for you and your customers and easily switch between offline and cloud modes. Enjoy seamless collaboration between central office and field sites and make project sharing with your entire team simple and easy. Multiple people in the field can now work concurrently on the same project while critical data can be quickly shared with Wi-Fi experts anywhere in the world so they can help troubleshoot tough to solve problems without ever leaving the office.

Ekahau Survey is the first professional grade Wi-Fi site survey tool for iPad. It’s intuitive and easy to use which means both Wi-Fi experts and IT professionals can now perform site surveys with ease. It automatically locates all nearby access points and places them on a map and delivers instant post-survey analysis with easy-to-read, beautiful crystal-clear heatmaps.

for more information visit,

EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert (NetAlly)

As the first handheld tool to offer a single user interface (UI) that fully integrates both wired and wireless network test data, the EtherScope nXG dramatically increases network visibility, accelerates and simplifies testing, and simplifies team collaboration. This is the first portable tool with the right combination of capabilities to, break the Layer 2 ceiling‚ allowing users to easily identify wireless clients not just by MAC address, but by IP, name and type, delivering visibility most Wi-Fi tools cannot provide.

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Product of the Year Finalists



eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community allowing students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.

eduroam is available in thousands of locations across over 100 countries worldwide. From campuses to coffee shops utilizing the most secure encryption and authentication standards in existence today. Its security by far exceeds typical commercial hotspots.

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Wi-Fi Explorer (Adrian Granados)

WiFi Explorer gathers configuration and capability information about all the networks it discovers and presents it on an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Information includes network name (SSID), BSSID, vendor, country code, channel, band, security configuration, supported data rates, number of streams, and much more. WiFi Explorer has been developed with the support and feedback of Wi-Fi experts. Its ease of use and advanced features, such as the ability to decode network information, access point name discovery or enhanced filtering, give you a full insight into the capabilities and configuration details of wireless networks.

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Wi-Fi Survey Kit (Wi-Fi Stand)

The WiFi survey Kit provides significant improvements in the Wi-Fi industry by kitting together a majority of the most commonly used products into one easy to carry, travel friendly, and easy to grab ruggedized case. The challenge for most wireless professionals is making sure that the necessary tools are where they are supposed to be for projects and deployments. Furthermore, the WiFi survey Kit makes sure all the right tools to get the job done at your fingertips is important. 

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WinFi Lite (Helge Keck)

WinFi Lite: Professional Wi-Fi Analyzer for Windows 10, improves WLAN professionals ability to get RSSI information among many other important details from the beacon IEs on the Windows platform. It leverages built in adapters through Microsoft's Native Wifi / wlanapi.h APIs for protocol analysis software. It can use the various built-in adapters, or it can get info from external USB adapters.  It provides an excellent overview for learning about and troubleshooting the 802.11 protocol for professionals.

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Wireless Intelligence platform (Wyebot)

The Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP), is a vendor agnostic, plug-and-play hardware that can diagnose Wi-Fi network issues and provide actionable solutions within minutes. The Wireless Intelligence Platform analyzes, optimizes and uses a patented AI-based engine, automatically providing problems and solution identification. With over 15 years in WiFi experience, the Wyebot team has developed a plug and play solution to solve a complex problem of WiFi assurance, something no other competitor has delivered. 

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Company Leadership of the Year Award Finalists


Active Expert

Active Expert constantly looks for ways to better serve Wi-Fi community. In order to help the enhance community, they have created dedicated lab for CWNA, with additional labs for the "P" series exams that are great and easy to use.

The Active Expert team is passionate about delivering great Wi-Fi and exceptional training. In addition providing education and access to information, they serve as mentors for the community as a whole. They are constantly adding new course material for the community.

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is recognized as a global leader in the networking industry, currently serving as a leader on numerous technology standards bodies including Chair positions on the IEEE, ETF, and many others. Aruba is also driving standards decisions on key wireless capabilities like Wi-Fi 6, including 802.11ax, WPA3, Enhanced Open (OWE) and Wi-Fi Easy Connect (DPP).

Aruba is recognized across the industry as having played a key role in shaping the future of Wi-Fi. Aruba is also actively involved with the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance in driving conversations with the FCC and other global entities in opening up the 6GHz spectrum for unlicensed (Wi-Fi) use, and is also playing a leading role among network vendors in partnering with leading communications service providers to deliver Wi-Fi 6 as an onramp to 5G. 


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Cisco provides thought leadership through their continued outreach to a broad number of communities, from standards working groups such as IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance to engagement with a broad number of companies for our device ecosystem.

One specific example of leadership is the Open Roaming initiative. Open Roaming enables mobile users to automatically and seamlessly roam across Wi-Fi and cellular networks, including Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 5G. This is achieved through a collective of industry partners and collaborators, whose goal is to provide a better bridge between mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Cisco has created this federation around enabling Open Roaming to help create a better experience for the general public.

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MetaGeek believes in building an exceptional company around exceptional people and exceptional products. They treat each other as close family, their customers as welcomed friends and embrace their work as the relentless process of making hard things easy. And have fun doing it. Through training, and community engagement. They strive to listen, provide strong solutions that are dependable, and work when needed.

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Tech Field Day

Tech Field Day displays leadership in the community by bringing both venerable wireless professionals together with up-and-coming content creators. This interaction allows for mentoring relationships and knowledge transfers that can enrich the entire community and keep positive interactions happening for everyone. We are one of the only events that puts the focus on the community and the way it interacts with vendors and providers of solutions.

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