The Wi-Fi Awards


To recognize Companies, Individuals, and Products that demonstrate unique excellence and achievements with extraordinary contributions to the community. The Award Recipients exemplify the highest standards to promote and expand the wireless industry. 

The Awards


Company Awards

People/Individual Awards

Company Awards

Company Awards seek to recognize leadership, and vision for the Wi-Fi Community.


Product Awards

People/Individual Awards

Company Awards

Product Awards seek to recognize innovation, creativity and solutions for the Wi-Fi Community.


People/Individual Awards

People/Individual Awards

People/Individual Awards

People/Individual Contribution Awards seek to recognize enthusiasm, achievement, and passion in the Wi-Fi Community.

Lifetime Achievement, Keith R. Parsons Award

The Keith R. Parsons Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual for exhibiting exceptional leadership, knowledge, service and a passion for excellence in the Wireless Community. Through his/her actions and contributions, the recipient improves the community as a whole. 

The Keith R. Parsons Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by Keith and nominations or submissions are not accepted for this award. 


How Does It Work?

To create a fair and impartial process, the Wi-Fi Awards recipients will be chosen through combination of our Committee and votes from the Wi-Fi Community. 

The Committee will use the criteria outlined in subsequent pages to narrow down the submissions to the top 5 candidates or nominees from each Awards category. Once the top 5 nominees/candidates have been identified, we will notify the finalists and open the voting to the Community.  Voting is open to any individual in the Wi-Fi community.   Please note, each individual is only permitted one vote.  Winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies at the Annual US #WLPC in February of each year. 

The Committee has authority to determine outcomes on any discrepancies or irregularities.  If you have any questions about the Process, or The Wi-Fi Awards in general, please email us at