The Wi-Fi Awards

Rules and Requirements for Submission

Company Awards

1.  Must include, detailed description of company, case studies and recommendations if applicable.

2.  Must effectively describe the Company's contribution, leadership and value to the Wi-FI Community.

3. This award is presented to an active Company in the Wi-Fi Community.

Product Awards

1.  Must include, detailed description of product, use of product images, product sample, and case studies and recommendations if applicable.

2.  Both new development and re-development/adaptive reuse software or hardware products are eligible.

3. These awards are presented for an active Product in the Wi-Fi Community.

4.  Product must be primarily (more than 51%) utilized for the Wi-Fi Community.

Person/Individual Contribution Awards

1. Demonstrated leadership in the Wi-Fi Community.

2. Contribution to the Wi-Fi community through teaching, generating content, or other noteworthy community activities.

3. Assume that you are introducing this Person/Content/Contribution to a group of peers, what characteristics would you want to include that describe your nominee?

4. Give examples of long-term, sustainable contributions this Person/Content/Contribution/Individual has made within the industry and include the associated significant impact that resulted.

5. Describe efforts made towards more efficient or productive operations within the Community that have improved quality/efficiency/performance within the Wi-Fi industry.

6.  For Blog/Video/Podcast/Content Contribution and Contributor nominations – must include copy of the content, social impact statistics and sources (if applicable)

Nominate Someone or Submit the Application Now!

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September 15th-October 15th :  Submission/nominations will be accepted

October 16th-November 15th: Top 5 finalists will be selected

November 16th-December 15th: Community Voting for Award Recipients

February 2020: Award Recipients will be announced at WLPC